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Jessica Watson – How did she do that?

At 16 years of age Jessica Watson sailed around the world, solo, non-stop and unassisted!  

She arrived in Sydney harbour on Saturday 15th May 2010, just 210 days after leaving amidst a barrage of negative press, and doubters on the 17th October 2009.

 The day beofre her departure Jessica said “Tomorrow I am going to wake up and sail around the world.” This was her dream.  


How did she do that? When she isn’t even old enough to drive a car to the shops but she sailed 38,000 km around the world.

Because she knew exactly WHY she was doing it.

She had a clear vision of her end goal, the desire and sheer determination to succeed. She has been telling her parents since she was young that she was going to sail around the world and her bedroom wall was covered with crayon drawings of her in a yacht going around the world.

”You’ve just got to believe in it. Anything really is possible if you want it. You’ve just got to put the effort in.” Said Jessica.


I believe that during the early days with the negative press she just visualised her goal and imagined how it would feel to cross the line, what she would see, how she would feel, the smell of the harbour & the other boats welcoming her home, all of the images gave her the belief and desire to succeed. Yesterday 26th May when she met with her fans and well wishers in Brisbane she exuded confidence and looks like she will soon be off on another adventure. 

We are living in extraordinary times and extraordinary times demand the very best of you in your business and personal lives. 

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MindStore Australia Website goes live!

We are delighted to announce that our new website  for corporate training, business and personal development is now live, today 13th May 2010.

Damian McConnell, a partner of MindStore Australia is today launching a new website for human potential development in Australia

The website introduces businesses to the world renowned MindStore tools and techniques delivered during our customisable in-house corporate training seminars including: managing stress, unique “whole brain”approach to inspirational goal setting, accessing the “alpha state” for enhanced creativity and better problem solving, how to maintain a positive mental attitude influencing all those around you.

These leading edge mental tools and techniques have been refined over the last 20 years and have been delivered to over 50% of the FTSE100 companies and to almost 500,000 individuals.  MindStore provides you and your colleagues with unique tools and techniques for delivering extraordinary performance.  Through our world class leadership development, corporate training solutions and seminars for personal development our approach extends to ensuring your team is inspired, involved and committed to personal and organisational change.

MindStore’s unique approach has been delivered in UK, Germany, France, Switzerland and is now available to businesses in Australia.

“Empowering People, Transforming Organisations”


If you’re looking for the same old methods from the same old sources then you won’t find it here.  MindStore ensures that you will have an exceptional experience as you and those around you change for the better.

Interested in getting MindStore in-house?

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Visit our site and bookmark it so that you can keep up to date with MindStore and our progress as we begin to expand the delivery of courses and seminars in Australia. 

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to bring this together so well.

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