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July 2010 Newsletter: Classroom in the clouds, Relaxation Boost                                                          

Welcome to our July Newsletter

Now that the shortest day is over you are probably like us looking forward to the longer days and warmer temperatures of spring and summer.

This is the ideal time to take time to look at the goals you set and review your progress, also read the story about David’s extraordinary dream to inspire you and also practice our boost tips.

Finally as always feel free to forward this to anyone you also feel will benefit.


Damian and the MindStore Australia team

Classroom in the Clouds

Back in 2007, an ordinary guy with an extraordinary dream attended a MindStore course in the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall.   

Ever since returning from a charity trek through the Himalayas, David Woods had dreamt about building a school, high in the mountains of Nepal.  But he wrestled with his limiting self-belief, faced resistance from those around him and the usual negative response of: 

“But how are you going to do that?” 

He had no idea how he was going to do it, but was very clear about why and said that after reading Jack Black’s book, he booked onto the weekend course in search of motivation. 

As the course unfolded, the people with the knowledge, the expertise, the contacts and the much needed funding all turned up.  Within a month of completing the course, his charity was set up, the support was in place and the money was beginning to roll in.   

As the weeks and months went by, David continued to use the techniques he had learned from MindStore, always focusing on his end goal and creating his future history each night as he drifted into the Alpha State. 


On 1st of November 2009 David’s “Classroom in the Clouds” officially opened its doors. 

  Attending a MindStore course changed David’s life.  It also changed the lives of the people he met on the course that day and the lives of the children living in the remote village of Lukla Nepal.  

Just like all the greats of our time, David oozes passion.  He is truly committed to, believes in his project and holds the expectation that he and his team of like-minded people will achieve all of their goals. 

So what do you dream of achieving? 

Whatever your vision, whether it’s raising money for charity, starting a new career, setting up your own business, living a healthier life free from stress or finding happiness in a new land MindStore can help you determine, set and achieve your goals… FASTER! 


Relaxation Boost and Right Brain Access

Here’s another little tip. Take a moment while doing anything (sitting at your desk, watching telly, standing in a queue, even driving your car) bring your three fingers together and the tip of your tongue trigger.

Become aware of your breathing then scan your body from head to toe for any tension or discomfort. If you find tension anywhere, imagine breathing into that area of your body and you will find that you will relax deeper.

Practise this regularly and in a matter of moments you will find yourself in a far more relaxed place, conserving your energy and able to focus better on what you are doing.

MindStore is available throughout Australia from its base in South East Queensland to deliver customisable in–house corporate training sessions and business improvement courses co-designed with your organisation.

The positive advantages of MindStore’s in-house sessions include the best techniques for managing stress, maintaining a positive mental attitude and influencing all those around you. You’ll learn to apply Whole Brain thinking for improved creativity and problem solving. Modelling your business’s behaviour on the winning approaches of world champions and leading entrepreneurs empowers your organisation to gain competitive advantage through innovation and enhanced performance.

For more information and to download your own goal setting tools visit:  or call 07 3040 2229.