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September 2010 Newsletter:                                                           

Welcome to your September Newsletter.

 This month we give you access to instantly downloadable Mp3’s covering the key principles of MindStore, goal setting, programming, affirmations and the night book.

Finally as always feel free to forward this to anyone you feel will benefit.


Damian and the MindStore Australia team

 “Spring into Action” with instant downloads from MindStore Shop!

Spring is here; the trees and flowers are budding and flowering. The birds are nesting, awaiting the arrival of new hatchlings. The weather is getting warmer and the mornings are lighter.

Even the most cynical person must feel a bit of a spring in their step as we head towards summer.

In the same vein as the traditional spring clean, that my mother always had in her house at this time of year, it is possibly a good time for a spring clean of your mind and your thinking.

We know that all performance is due to the quality of our thinking. So if you could have been programming more frequently or have allowed your night book to slip under the bed like those six pack training machines which you bought to get fit but as they fold neatly under the bed they have remained there. Now is the time to take positive action.

This month how about having a look at what the MindStore shop has to offer you via instantly downloadable Mp3’s. In this online shop there are lots of instantly downloadable Mp3s recorded by Jack covering all the popular parts of MindStore suite of tools: affirmations, night book, programming your day, reaching the alpha state and goal setting.

So if you are MindStore member living out here in Australia as a result of successful programming then spring into Action and spring clean you thinking with these downloads. If you are new to MindStore and just want to find out more then these downloads are well put together and give you the step by step guide to achieving success in each of the key MindStore areas.

Why not spend some time investing in yourself, in your own self development, to enable you to create the future that you desire to do be or have. The best only think about what they desire, so if you think you can, you will! Remember we are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think.

Your feedback and comments:

As MindStore continues to grow and develop in Australia, we are always looking for feedback and comments from our current newsletter members on ways to improve. If you have an idea you would like to share, or a comment about how we could make MindStore more accessible to more people then please let us know.

Also if you think that your current company is facing some challenges that you know MindStore could help provide solutions to, then please drop us a note with contact details of your company. That way we can help more people benefit from the mental tools and techniques available only through MindStore. Have a Fantastic day and keep smiling!

MindStore is available throughout Australia from its base in South East Queensland to deliver customisable in–house corporate training sessions and business improvement courses co-designed with your organisation.

The positive advantages of MindStore’s in-house sessions include the best techniques for managing stress, maintaining a positive mental attitude and influencing all those around you. You’ll learn to apply Whole Brain thinking for improved creativity and problem solving. Modelling your business’s behaviour on the winning approaches of world champions and leading entrepreneurs empowers your organisation to gain competitive advantage through innovation and enhanced performance.

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