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February 2011 Newsletter

Welcome to your February 2011 Newsletter.

Last month you will remember we discussed the importance of the correct POSITIVE ATTITUDE for success in Goal setting. This month we discover a simple technique to use for more positive Self Talk: replacing negative day-to-day language with positive words.

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Enjoy     Damian and the MindStore Australia team

What a crazy start to the year it’s been!  The weather has taken its toll on business, finances, health, attitude, family, social activities, leisure, in fact on almost every aspect of our lives.

How has it affected you? Or rather how have you allowed it to affect you?

Your thoughts and self talk determine how you deal with day to day situations and indeed how you overcome challenges and move on. 

Self talk is a vital part of our self confidence.

If we are honest with ourselves we all have experienced the little voice in our head which talks us out of opportunities. You take the easy option and play it safe.

“Don’t make that suggestion at work, they will laugh at you!” Ever had that self talk ? or personally “Don’t go up to  him/ her  and start a conversation, they are not your type?” Ever had that one?

Your Self talk needs to be strong and you have to be aware of it every day and work to use positive self talk at all times.

Over the years MindStore has been lucky enough to work with successful people within the world of business, entertainment and sport.  Without doubt each and every one of them was positive, optimistic and solution orientated – you certainly won’t have heard any of them moaning about the weather!  On the other hand the vast majority of people particularly in our western culture seem to think about what they don’t want, focus on the negative and fear success as much as they fear failure or rejection. 

Your thoughts and your speech reflect your attitude.  Your choice of words reflect just how you think and what you think is what you get!  So it’s critical that you adjust your language and your thinking in order to stay positive and programme for success.

I would challenge you to make a list of 7 negative words or phrases you know you use, and then write down opposite them 7 positive alternative words or phrases. Then whenever you would use one of the negative words, be aware of this and replace it with a positive alternative.

Remember all change starts with you, imagine your brain is a muscle and this is you working that muscle to become more positive and energetic in your business and personal life.

Have a marvellous month!

Warm regards