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November 2011 Newsletter

Welcome to your November 2011 Newsletter

When were you last creative?

Last month you will remember discussed creativity and a book which enabled me to frame a drawing after just a few hours of following the exercises.
I was reminded about being creative recently when my oldest son Alastair (above) wanted me to help him colour in his haunted house at our Halloween party at the weekend. When was the last time you were creative like you used to be as a kid?
Many people contacted us recently, wanting more access to inspiration in between our performance improvement workshops. So to help  we have put together a list of inspirational movies to view, as well as you tube clips. There is also a few smart phone apps which deliver inspiration to your finger tips, when you feel challenged in your daily life. Hope you find them useful.
As always feel free to forward this to anyone you feel would benefit from reading it.
Enjoy and have an Fantastic Month!
Damian and the MindStore Australia team

Accessing Inspiration and Motivation when you need it


Can you believe its November already, that means only eight weeks till the end of the year.
What about those New Year resolutions, how are they going for you?
What about all the things you were going to achieve at work this quarter.
What about all the activities you promised to take the kids on, or the fun trips you talked about doing with loved ones?
If like many people, there are some gaps in what you set out to achieve and what you have achieved to date, do not give up.
In this issue we have put together some links to three types of media which can inspire us all.
Have a browse at some of the movies listed and get one out and be inspired, like the moment when the actor Robin Williams playing the teacher gathers the pupils around the glass cabinet at the entrance of the school.
Click on the you tube clips to give you the inspiration and momentum to keep going. Listen to Steve Jobs address Stamford University, inspiring words from a creative and innovative individual.
Finally download some free apps on your smart phone to give you a pick up whenever you feel the need for one.
Some Inspirational Movies:
  • Dead Poets Society
  • Jerry McGuire
  • Avatar
  • Field of Dreams.
Some Inspirational Clips from You Tube:
Some Inspiration to your smart phone:
Search for these or similar in your smart phone market.
  • Inspirational Quotes by Appflute
  • Motivational Quotes by Appflute
  • Motivational Quotes by Juniper Islet
I trust you will make the time to look at some of these and hope they inspire you this month.

Book Review Corner

Jump Start autobiography by AJ Hackett

Everyone knows this Kiwi.
In his book he shares his passion for life, finding something he loves and doing it amazingly well. He is a risk taker who started a new industry.
This book is easy to read and if you, like me have “bungeed” off Kawarau Bridge in Queenstown you will enjoy the background stories about how it all came about. As well as recalling the feeling as you went past the tipping point and swallow dived into the air.
Like he says “Why live on the edge, when you can JUMP OFF!”
Published in 2006, ISBN 13: 978 1 86941 842 7.

On the 12th November in London, MindStore International  will deliver the Best of MindStore Event. If you know of someone who lives in the area and would like to attend then click on this link for more details.

Empowering People.. …Transforming Organisations
Further Information

MindStore is available for organisations throughout Australia. We are able to deliver customised in-house corporate training events and business performance improvement courses. Before an event we meet to take the time to find out about the key dangers facing your business as well as the opportunities.
MindStores complete mental tool kit gives you the best techniques for managing stress, maintaining a positive mental attitude and influencing those around you. We also share tools for increasing creativity and innovation to solve challenges in organisations. These mental tools and techniques are easy to learn on the day and are immediately actionable by participants resulting in instant performance improvement and ongoing increased effectiveness, enthusiasm and energy.
If you are interested in this topic then please drop me an email. This is one of the many topics we cover on our MindStore events either in house for clients or in an open format. We can share with you the tools to use TFT to improve decision making to become more aware of synchronistic events, to raise your frequency levels, via tools for protecting yourself from negativity and in particular negative self talk and thoughts. Also tools for improving your energy, creating positive thoughts and by relaxation exercises. To find out more visit our website: