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December 2011 Newsletter

Green Christmas MindStore Australia

Last month you will remember we shared some inspiring resources, to give us all the inspiration to keep going forward with our goals and dreams. The feedback from recipients was fantastic. A big thank you to everyone who emailed us with comments about the youtube videos.

This month as it’s the last Newsletter for the year we would remind ourselves about successful goal setting for 2012 and beyond.

As always feel free to forward this to anyone you feel would benefit from reading it.

We wish you all a Magical Christmas and an Magnificent New Year!

Damian and the MindStore Australia team


New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions gym cartoon

In Scotland, like elsewhere in the world  where the New Year is celebrated on 31st December, we make Resolutions for the New Year.  For many these are made in the heat of the moment and some are given up on before the party aftermath has been cleared away.

As we approach the end of 2011 many people and organisations are looking anxiously to the future with the financial challenges of the eurozone and its potential global impact.

The best way to get out of that negative mindset is to set yourself inspiring goals which motivate you to look forward to 2012 with positive anticipation rather than the opposite.

To make your resolutions or goals for 2012, and beyond, that you will stick with use these key principles:

Write your Goals down– sounds simple but only 4% OF PEOPLE DO THIS, who happen to be the successful ones. Be one of them in 2012.

THINK BIG!– No one leaps out of bed enthusiastically in the morning with a passion for a goal that is “realistic and achievable”

Be less concerned about the HOW of your goals in the beginning.

Be more concerned about the WHY, why you want to achieve your goals. Why will this push all your buttons. Getting a powerful emotional connection to your goal is vital.

Constantly go “back to your future” – Use the power of Gestalt to work for you by repeatedly thinking of and seeing in your “minds eye” the outcome you Desire. An idea held firmly in your subconsious mind will receive the attention of your subconsious mind, which will then manifest in your life. Repetition is the Key.

Have the right Attitude – to succeed with your goals you need  positive control of your Desire, Belief and Expectations.

Armed with the tips you will have given yourself the best chance to set for yourself goals which will last, because you will have a passion to achieve them.

Feel free to contact me if I can help you further with goal setting for 2012.


NEWS – Oil and Gas industry consultant joins MindStore Team

Alan Brodie

MindStore International appoints Oil and Gas Industry Consultant to its team.

Alan Brodie has worked as an engineer with BP in the North Sea and the Middle East, then for EGIS where he ultimately opened offices in Venezuela.

In 1996 inspired by a MindStore course he and 4 ex BP employees set up Helix RDS an oil and gas consulting company, with a vision to be recognised as a world leader in its discipline.

7 years on the vision was achieved with 150 staff in offices in Aberdeen, London, Kaula Lumpar and Perth WA. Plus a turnover exceeding 20 million pounds.

With Alan on our team Mindstore is ideally equipped to understand and assist the Oil and Gas industry here in Australia with their project challenges. MindStore has easy to learn tools for maximising team performance, improving personal and team effectiveness as well as techniques for managing stress.

Book Review Corner

Screw It, let’s Do It (Lessons in Life) Richard Branson

Everyone knows this Entreprenuer, known to his Staff as Dr Yes.

This is a quick read book, just over 100 pages. Ideal for the festive break.

Full of great lessons in life for us all. Light hearted but at the same time informative and inspiring. I recommned it to those like me who love a short quick read that you find difficult to put down.

Published in 2006 , ISBN 13: 9780753 510995.

Further Information

MindStore is available for organisations throughout Australia. We are able to deliver customised in-house corporate training events and business performance improvement courses. Before an event we meet to take the time to find out about the key dangers facing your business as well as the opportunities.

MindStores complete mental tool kit gives you the best techniques for managing stress, maintaining a positive mental attitude and influencing those around you. We also share tools for increasing creativity and innovation to solve challenges in organisations. These mental tools and techniques are easy to learn on the day and are immediately actionable by participants resulting in instant performance improvement and ongoing increased effectiveness, enthusiasm and energy.

If you are interested in this topic then please drop me an email. This is one of the many topics we cover on our MindStore events either in house for clients or in an open format. We can share with you the tools to use TFT to improve decision making to become more aware of syncronistic events, to raise your frequency levels, via tools for protecting yourself from negativity and in particular negative self talk and thoughts. Also tools for improving your energy, creating positive thoughts and by relaxation exercises. To find out more visit our website: