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July 2012 newsletter

Minds are like parachute’s…..

are like parachutes… they only function when open!”
quote comes from Thomas Dewar the Scotch whisky distiller.
month was about the Crazy ones, so this month the message is don’t be crazy and
resist changes, open your mind. That reminds me of a recent advert I saw:
for sale. Only used once.
Never opened. Small Stain”.
month its about going forward into the new Financial Year with a new sense of
optimism and the knowing that the ability to be more Resilient is within
open your mind to some new thinking and pick up a few Resilience tips from us
you for chosing to make the time to read our Newsletter, we appreciate that it’s
one of many in your Inbox.
a Marvellous July.
and the MindStore Australia Team

Resilience Tips: Respond to change with confidence and
flexibility, Don’t sweat the small stuff, Perform well with the big stuff,
Recover from setbacks and move on.

was the topic yesterday at a presentation as well as MindStore’s tools and
techniques to develop Resilience. The night before was the State of Origin
decider and I had thoughts to mention the Blues Resilience as they were going so
well, until the last 5 minutes. So I had to adapt and change as a result of the
morning I noticed how windy it was today and that the palm trees just flex with
the wind, whereas the larger trees resisted the wind. This got me thinking about
the recent tornados struck in the USA, houses were ripped out of their
foundations and all that was left were the palm trees in the front yards.
made me think we are like that, we attempt to weather the winds of change, to be
inflexible to changes and to resist them with all our energy, until it is too
much for us and we break. Why put oursleves through this, look at natures palm
trees and how they adapt to the changing winds. Once the winds abate they just
pop right up straight again and continue to flourish.
when you are faced with unexpected hurricaine winds, that destroy your
confidence and force challenging situations on to you.  Remember be like a
parachute, open your mind, then flexibly adapt to the changes around you and be
like a palm tree.
said “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we
created them.” so if your current approach to a situation no longer works,
discover how to learn to think differently. Being Resilient gives you the
ability to quickly adjust your actions and respond with confidence to the new
we kick start the new financial year, lets make the time and financial
commitments to learn and develop ourselves, our colleagues and our teams. Learn
and utilise some of MindStore’s effective Resilience tools and techniques.To
find out how our services could be of benefit in your organisation please
contact us to arrange a conversation.
a Marvellous July!

June 2012 Newsletter

Here’s to the crazy ones…

Last month was Innovation Month.

It’s gone now, but that shouldn’t mean that we stop thinking about innovation and creative thinking. Set yourself time each week to think creatively and innovate. Even if that means picking up a coloured pen and sketching or doodling a mindmap or drawing of where you see yourself in 10 years time. What will you do be and have.

Have fun doing it, the importnat part is to DO IT!

Recently when preparing a presentation I revisited Steve Jobs life and times. So for June we will focus on the crazy ones.. who see things differently.. think differently.. think they can change the world.. and do.

Damain and the MindStore Australia Team

New Thinking for your organisation- THINK DIFFERENT

Do you remember this advert?

Time to Think Different using MindStore tools

Can you believe it was 15 years ago!

Think about how much has changed around us in that time?

How much have we changed in the same period of time?

I don’t mean the grey hairs creeping in or the laughter lines, I mean have we changed in attitude, our behaviours, our thinking.

Have we become more open thinking, or more close minded. Think about it.

Decide to make a change for the better. Change happens when you decide to change with your heart and mind, not when you are told to. So decide for yourself, take charge.

Now you see how fast paced our lives have become.

This one minute advert started with the phrase here’s to the crazy one’s….

Take one minute to watch it here:

and be inspired: think about what you are going to change, to change our world!

If you want a further boost, take 15 minutes out of your life and watch and listen to Steve Jobs Stamford Commencement Speech:

6.9million people have viewed it and I bet many were inspired to take action. You see, to have motivation or be motivated is one thing, but you need to take action, so you need momentum more than just motivation. Find something that ignites your passions, and pushes all your buttons making you want to keep going over any hurdles or obstacles that you come across.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” – Einstein.

So if in our businesses and organisations we are facing challenges (problems) then we need different thinking from the type which created them. Time to THINK DIFFERENT.

As we approach the new financial year, take time now to contact us and find out how our mental tools and techniques can be applied in your teams and departments to enable everyone to discover and apply methods to think different.

Have a Joyful June!