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October 2012

Welcome to our October newsletter.
As you will remember last month was about the inspiring athletes participating in the Paralympics.

This month read our short article about the dream of a 15 year old boy who, although he was told by his science teacher that his dream of becoming a scientist was ridiculous, went on to win this years Nobel Prize for Medicine.

Thanks for making the time to read this, I appreciate it’s one of many in your inbox. We always aim to make your time reading it inspiring, motivational, worthwhile and give you something to think about and hopefully take some action too!

Have an Awesome October from Damian and the MindStore Australia Team

If you have a passion for your Goals and Vision, dont let others talk you out of your Goals. Stay true to your dreams. as “the godfather of cloning” Sir Jon Gurdon did

At 15 he was the bottom of the bottom form in biology and was told his dream of becoming a scientist was ridiculous.

Sir John Gurdon last week proved his teacher wrong by winning the Nobel Prize for Medicine. Sir John was honoured for making the groundbreaking discovery that all body cells have the same genes. He had the desire, belief and expectation to achieve his dream whatever others said.

Next time you feel yourself saying you can’t, remember Sir John Gurdon’s amazing achievements to inspire you to do be and have more in your life.

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At MindStore we fundamanentally believe that “All performance is due to the quality of our thinking”.

Dare yourself to unleash more of the amazing capacity you and your teams have inside yourselves to improve your performance and to do be and have more in your business and personal lives.

Book Review Corner

The Power of your Subconscious Mind by Dr Joseph Murphy

If you know you need to start thinking differently about setting and achieving extraordinary goals then read or download this book.

First published in 1963, is easily read and shows how your mind works and the power of your subconscious.

Learn how to receive guidance from your subconscious and how the power of your subconcious mind enables you to set and achieve extraordinary goals in business and in life.

Click on link below for book details and ordering if your interested:

Until next time, thanks again for taking time out in your day to read this newsletter.

Have an Awesome October!