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Movember 2012 Newsletter


Last month as you may remember was about daring to dream and having a passion for your Goals.This month with all the US Electoral campaigning I thought I would pick up on some of the power of language both positive and negative and how it influences how we speak and are heard by our collegues friends and loved ones.

Plus see the book of the month a new comic strip version of Napolean Hills Classic, Think and Grow Rich.
Thanks for making the time to read this, I appreciate it’s one of many in your inbox. We always aim to make your time reading it inspiring, motivational, worthwhile and give you something to think about and hopefully take some action too!

Have an Magnificent Movember from Damian P.I. and the MindStore Australia Team

Powerful Positive Phrases

Recently with a group we were getting creative and visualising a bold new future for their company. It was amazing to hear the creativity in the room, people creating a Future History as we say at MindStore.
This exercise came back to me when watching the last Election debate with Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. During the questions Mitt repeatedly said ” If I am president I would….” where as Barack was saying ” As your president the first thing I will do is…”
Barack has also been asked for months now “Do you think you’ll get a second term?” and instantly with energy he responds “Yes, absolutely, I will still be president after November 2012”
This language I believe suggests that Mitt is not visualising being President, his goal and visualisation is not of him sitting at the desk in the oval office. His language lets you know his thoughts, he thinks it’s a maybe, an IF.
Don’t let your language talk you out of your goals and aspirations.
Barack on the other hand by his language is running a visualisation of his goal with the benefits he can bring to USA and the world as President for another term. He absolutely believes that he will be President again, as Henry Ford said “If you think you can do a thing or think you cannot, you’re absolutely right.”
Barack also said about change:
“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time, We are the ones we’ve been waiting for, we are the change that we seek.”
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At MindStore we fundamanentally believe that “All performance is due to the quality of our thinking”.
Dare yourself to unleash more of the amazing capacity you and your teams have inside yourselves to improve your performance and to do be and have more in your business and personal lives.

Book Review Corner

Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill

Most of you will have read or heard about this classic book. Inspired by Andrew Carnegie the great Scottish born American business man and published during the great depression in USA in 1937.
The reason for highlighting this book is that people are constantly sharing how busy they are, and that its challenging to make time to read personal development books. So this caught my eye as it is an animated version of the book, in a comic strip type setup. It takes 1 hour to read versus 20 hours as a normal book and the images are great to help the Visual people remember the key points.

I believe it is worth a look at the website and for the cost of a few coffees it could be a great quick read when on the commute to work, or as an alternative to the negative filled newspapers at lunch. Have a look see what you think.
Click on link below for the animated book details and access to a free sample chapter:

And Finally…………Don’t Dream of Growing that!!

Inspired by last months newsletter Dare to Dream, I woke up at weekend having visualised me in Movemeber. My wife, Fiona’s comment was “Don’t dream of growing that!” Napolean Hill said start every day with a hearty laugh, programming your brain to be positive. This sure made Fiona laugh when she saw it.
Congratulations to all of those braver than me, taking part in the movember challenge.

Until next time, thanks again for taking time out in your day to read this newsletter or share it with colleagues, we trust you found something of interest.

Have an Magnificent Movember!