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“Mr Watson, come here. I want to see you”

Last month was about learning to dance in the rain, and there has certainly been lots of rain for us to practise in!

This month we look at a Scotsman who dared to think BIG.

Plus we have a book for any children in your life to guide them in their life.

Anyone guess the relevance of the title above?

They are the first words spoken and received by telephone.

Why is that relevant this month?

Well, Alexander Graham Bell the Scottish Inventor was born this month back in 1847. Also it was on 10th March 1876 that he got his invention “talking with electricity” to work.

He had the attributes we have covered in previous newsletters:
•the ability to dare to think BIG
•to set himself huge goals
•to have a positive mental attitude towards achieving his goals.

The significance of his invention is that for the 30 years prior to his invention people had been using the telegraph, which was a far quicker method of communicating than by letter and post.

But Bell thought BIG, he thought there was a quicker, faster way to communicate and he set his mind to inventing it.

You see he avoided seting a small goal within his comfort zone, he set a HUGE goal that many laughed at as being crazy and unachievable. But we know its the crazy ones who change the world. Think Einstein, Jobs, Ghandi, Mandella….

•His passion for his goal drove him to overcome all of the challenges and hurdles
•he had positive control of his attitude and did not give up
•he accessed both sides of his brain to think creatively around challenges
•he visualised the Future.

At Mindstore we specialise in sharing with people simple tools to enable everyone to access these same qualities. Those that empower us to improve our performance from ordinary to extraordinary.

And finally……………..

Thanks for making time out to read this. We always endeavour to make it motivational and give you some food for thought.

Trust you are having a Marvellous March.

All the Best

Damian and the team at MindStore Australia.