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Live your life by your goals, not others.

“It’s Christmas time, there’s no need to be afraid. At Christmas time we let in light and banish shade.But in our world of plenty we should spread a smile of joy! Throw your arms around the world at Christmas time”

Can you hear this in your mind, can you see in your minds eye the Logo? do you remember Band Aid?

If you think this year has gone quickly, remember that Band Aid was 1984 – 29 years ago!

I find it hard to believe so much time has passed so quickly!

This is WHY I believe so strongly that it is vital that we set Goals for ourselves using MindStores tools and techniques.

Wishing you a Magical Christmas and a Magnificent New Year!

Damian and the team at MindStore Australia.

Live your life by your goals, not others

Everywhere we look we are being bombarded with messages about Christmas and buying gifts for others.

All of these messages are as a result of people in the marketing department of organisations having goals that this will be a bumper year for them. This is fantastic for them and we have to understand that if we act on their messages we are helping them achieve their goals.

The point is this: What messages are we sending ourselves about our own personal and professional goals?

Make time over the festive season to steal 30 minutes with yourself to be still and think about what went well in 2013 for you and write down what you would like to achieve in 2014 and beyond.

We all have an amazing capacity to do be and have more. We just need to remember about the goals that inspire us, then set and follow your plan.

The MindStore Goal setting planner is available at no cost to you. Email us your postal address to: and we would be delighted to send one out to you.)

A final thought……

Two powerful quotes from the thousands about this great human being Nelson Mandela:

“To a man who has changed the mindset of a nation, may we inspire and motivate as you have.”

South African Cricketer JP Duminy

“Nelson Mandela showed us what is possible for our world, and within each one of us, if we believe a dream..”

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon