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Movember Performance Improvement Update

As you may remember our last update focused Siezing the Day “CARPE DIEM”

Many of you commented on watching Robin Williams in the powerful clip Poets Society.

This month we have an introduction to the House on the Right Bank, a classic MindStore tool and foundation of so many other techniques.

To all the Movember participants, keep trimming!

Thank you for making the time to read this, and I encourage you to look into our mental tools for improving your performance personally and for the people in your organisation.

Have a Magnificent Movember!

Damian and the team at MindStore Australia.

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House on the Right Bank

This Phrase ” House on the right bank” or (HORB) is a very familiar phrase to those who have attended MindStore events over the last 25 years.

This is the place, in your imagination where you go to when ever you want and no one will know. Here you can visit this landscape and create your own house using your imagination with no limitations on size or finance.

This is a place you will have a desire to go to:

to set yourself up for your day

to prepare mentally ahead of all meetings at work

to destress and relax

to see your amazing goals achieved

All of this is done in your head using your imagination, it does not matter whether your learning style is Visual, Audio or Kinesthetic, you learn to do this using our interactive tools and techniques.

If you think this is out there and different, then you are right. Einstein said two things, one is that “Imagination is more important than knowledge” and this is what  we are using in these tools.

Secondly he said that “we can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them”.

So what we do is deliberately designed to be different, out of the ordinary, because if the ordinary things we have done in the past still worked we would all be doing much better.

At MindStore we are passionate about helping everyone to rekindle that way of thinking to improve performance from Ordinary to Extraordinary,so think about contacting us to be involved in your next Learning and Development event.

* I have deliberately omitted an image of a house on a right bank of a river because everyones house is uniquely created by them, some do not see it but can feel its surfaces, all are unique and inspiring to the indivdual.

Upper Lip Topiary Time


Its Movember time again. A time for change. Look out for signs of upper lip topiary in your workplace over the next few weeks!

Seriously thought we support this campaign every year as it uses Innovative thinking to raise awareness of mens physical and mental health challenges in a fun and engaging way.

Remember Albert Einstein and Salvador Dali were both Moustache fans and both highly creative and innovative!

To find out more click:

Empowering People ..Transforming Organisations


At MindStore we believe that the focus should be on the Individuals, the human beings that bring the uniqueness of their mind to the organisation. That person’s mind when inspired has the ability to innovate and create solutions for all of the organisations present and future challenges.

Imagine your organisation full of people with vision and energy who were passionate about your brand or service and making it the best it can be.

How do you think that would that transform your organisations performance?

Does your organisation have the vision to invest in training in the area of the business with the greatest capacity for Performance Improvement? PEOPLE.

Trust MindStore to Empower your People and Transform your Organisation.

See a selection of recent testimonials here:

A final thought……


Albert “MO BRO” Einstein