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July 26, 2013

A Positive Attitude.. Changes Everything

by admin

A Positive Attitude…. Changes Everything

attitude glass half fullWelcome to our delayed July Newsletter.

Last month was about taking TIME OUT.

This month we focus on our Attitude and deciding to make it a positve one.

Trust you wil take 5 minutes TIME OUT to read this and THINK about how you can decide to be more positive in your thoughts, language and actions.

All the Best

Damian and the team at MindStore Australia.

Reach for the Stars with a Positive Attitude


Here is a great sign you could print off and stick in a prominent place of your office area.warning only +ve attiudes allowed

Over the last month Attitude has been a recurring theme in the Conference sessions, Professional Training workshops and in house programs with Clients I have facilitated.

WHY is Attitude so important? often gets asked.


Well you only have to look at what happened on this month in History to see a few illuminating examples.


  • 18th July Nelson Mandelas 95th Birthday
  • 20th July 1969 1st person on the moon
  • 27th July 1978 1st Test tube Baby (IVF)


With Nelsons ill health and recent birthday we are all aware of what he has achieved in his lifetime as a civil rights activist and world leader. Did you know he shares the honour receiving a Nobel prize award with the developer of the IVF treatment Robert G Edwards. Robert’s was a Nobel prize for Physiology in 2010 and Nelson was jointly awarded in 1993 the Nobel prize for Peace with F.W. de Klerk.

So how does that relate to Attitude.

Well think about Nelson locked away for 27 years yet had the belief and positive attitude that he could see a better future for South Africa. He worked with those who imprisoned him to dismantle apartheid. How many of us are challenged to remain positive in our attiude on a normal busy day at the office, let alone the thought of being imprisioned for 27 years?

Similarily the belief and attitude of the developer of the IVF treatment who kept thinking of a way to assist couples who wanted children. He did not give up like many of us might when faced with challenges he had the positive belief and attitude that he would develop a solution.

Finally the moon landing. Imagine the challenges they faced, truely going “into the unknown” in both envronment and equipment required. The Positve Attiude shown by the Apollo 11 crew as well as all the support team at NASA was fantastic. They believed they WOULD get there, not IF, but WHEN.

We could benefit from having such an unshakeable positive attitude in our dealings with collegues and the inevitable challenges we face both professionally and personally.

To quote Zig Ziglar “Your attitude not your aptitude determines your altitude”

A positive attitude will assist you to reach for the stars!

Have a Stellar July!

A final thought………..

winston churchill

  “Attitude is a little thing that makes a BIG difference”

Winston Churchill

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