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These are the most popular questions we receive about MindStore Australia.

If your question is not answered here then please email us your question at:  We look forward to your questions and your comments and we will reply promptly to all your emails. 



What does the MindStore logo mean?

Our logo symbolises our philosophy:

  • The ‘M’ represents the brain wave of the Alpha Rhythm.  The flow of blue represents adventure, intuition and confidence.
  • The ‘Circle’ or ‘eye’ represents balance and attainment of a perfectly tranquil state of mind.  It is red in colour for determination, strength and purifying fire.
  • The white space is for creativity and imagination.




What is the quickest way to get in touch with MindStore Australia?

The quickest way is by email to:  We can reply quickly to your enquiry and arrange to call you at a suitable time soon afterwards.



I would love to have MindStore delivered to my colleagues at work, how do I do this?

That would be fantastic, we would love to help.  Firstly send us an email to:  with your name and contact number.  Then give us some details of your company name, location, number of employees (approximately), what the company does and its market sector.  We will then get back to you promptly to have an initial discussion.


How do I become involved with MindStore? 

If you would like to become involved with us and are looking for a new challenge then contact Damian direct on or call him on +61 (0)438 058 160. If you have obvious ability, unique business or corporate experience together with your own personal success. If you are a committed MindStore member who uses our techniques daily and bring valued qualities to our team then please contact Damian to arrange an initial confidential call.



I would like to buy some MindStore products for my own self development or as a gift for a friend.  How do I this?

The simplest way is to go to the links page on our site, then click on this will take you directly to the online shop and have your goods shipped to you in Australia.



I have been on MindStore courses in the UK and Europe, how do I keep up to date with whats happening at MindStore?

The simplest way is to sign up for our newsletter via the link on the main pages.  We send out regular monthly updates to keep you current with all the exciting developments within MindStore aimed at enabling you to become the extraordinary person you desire.