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December 28, 2014

Goal Setting workshop part one

by Damian McConnell

goals setting mind map

As 2014 comes rapidly to an end its critical to turn out attention and mindset to goals for 2015.  This is a time of beginings and endings. New Year is a time for setting and committing to Intentions and Resolutions. However for many sadly these resolutions are made in haste just before midnight on the 31st and forgotten less than a week later.

Think about the resolutions you made to get fit, lose a few kilos, 2nd of January you hit the gym every day with all your friends the first week, then next week it was a bit wet so you missed a few days, then you worked late so missed another, then you felt like going home rather than the gym and you missed a few more days. Those missed days become weeks and before you know it because of our fast pace of life its 31st December again and time to make the same resolution again! Sounds crazy but sadly its true for many many people.

If you have decided that 2015 is going to be different, for all the right reasons, if you have the desire to make it your best year every, but are not sure how to do it then this short workshop series is for you.

Remember that if you are not visualising and programming your days weeks and months around your own goals then you are working toward someone elses!

Make time amongst the post xmas busyness for these 3 days of personal development sessions. As Jim Rohn make time to “work harder on yourself than you do on your job” if you want success.


Step one: Wheel of Life:

Why not get yourself a plain page note book, and keep it for the year to note your journey as you go from setting your goals to seeing them achieved.

This is a time to reflect where you are in the 12 key areas of our life. There could be more spokes on the wheel but I believe these 12 are critical.

Go somewhere that is good for you, somewhere where you can think, somewhere you feel relaxed.

Draw a big circle/ wheel on it draw 12 spokes, from 12am to 6pm, from 9pm to 3pm etc, on each spoke make a scale radiating from the centre 1 to 10 at circumference

10 would be absolutely perfect, and 1 would be the exact opposite.

No one is a 1, rate yourself. Put a mark on the scale for each segment for where you feel you are right now.

Let’s start at 12 o’clock position if you imagine the wheel as a clock.

Do this honestly with yourself.


Marriage/ partnership

This is first because people around the world tend to get into primary relationships. Some will be in a marriage or partnership, and loving it, other will be saying how much longer can this continue? Others will be wanting to get into relationships, and some will just be out of one saying, they will never again get into a relationship.

So we are all in different places in our own lives with this first part of our life.

So are you a 10 everything fantastic here like or could it be better, rate yourself here honestly?



Where are you with this is your family life loving, caring, supportive nurturing? Also think if you are driving a business forward have you missed any important family events because of work commitments, is there balance here?



Its more about how do you get on with other humans beings, no one is an island, are you at ease with people,  a shoulder to cry on, are you the life and soul of the party a 10?


Personal Development/ Education

Do you buy development books, attend relevant courses and workshops, 1s send people on courses. Will you keep reading appropriate books and develop? Follow MindStore’s updates on twitter and LinkedIn?



Where are you here? Is everything fantastic in your career are you a 10, or could things be better, is it time to change direction, maybe this exercise will help you to find inspiration. 7 out of 10 people would rather do something else!



How do you deal with –ve situations. If your house burnt down today, would you be a 10, fantastic! I can now move to a new place, or would you be a wreck? Do you get up the morning thinking what will go well today? Are you +ve and vibrant person. Do you think about the negatives, what might go wrong?



We are beginning to take ownership of our own health now be honest with yourself, where are you here? Are you making time to look after your health. What are you doing about it?



How do you perceive your finances. Do you worry about money, or are you happy with the flow of money in and out of your life? Its more about how you feel about money than whether you are a millionaire.


Is it a secure loving place; do you feel safe and good there? Do people get a good feeling when they visit it?



Laptops, mobiles, do you keep them updated and current, is your fridge light on and serviced, where are you with servicing and upgrading in your life?


Leisure & Recreation

It is very important in our lives, if we don’t take time for leisure and recreation how can we keep going at the pace we need in the rest of our lives? Do you work hard and play hard? Do you stay back at work because your boss does? Would you rather be at home with family?



Have you noticed how book stores are groaning with spiritual book, that weren’t there 20 years ago? Someone’s buying them because bookstores only keep books on shelves that sell. Research shows amazing trends in spiritual growth. People are searching for something taking more personal ownership of their spirituality?

Are you in tune with your true inner self. Are you living the best life you can ? Where are you on this scale? Interestingly people tend to get interested in this at aged 36-42 research says because at this age we have experienced enough of life and of people around us dying that we begin to question ,what’s this all about?



Now what to do is join all the marks up.

Good news if it’s all over the place your normal!

Idea of this exercise is to show you where you are out of balance in your life.

And it starts us thinking about possible goals to make 2015 the best year ever.


If you’ve done this honestly then you probably know already what they might need to be.


Step Two: Gratification List

 gratifiaction list

On another page write out 10 things you are really grateful for. Take time to think about this step.

Write them in CAPITAL LETTERS. Really mean what you write down.

This provides a foundation for inspiring goals for year ahead. Look at your wheel for ideas, relationships, family, career, health, family, what you have achieved, write out 10, and leave them to soak into your subconscious overnight, and then tomorrow we begin the 2nd phase of the process.


A quick Tip : you will need some bin bags!


By the time you and I get to end of this process we will be heading into 2015 truly inspired with powerful goals.


Have a Sensational Sunday!

See you tomorrow.





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