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December 29, 2014

Goal Setting Workshop part two from MindStore

by Damian McConnell

Set Goals with MindStore to ensure you score everytime.

Welcome to day two of our Goals Setting and Achieving workshop.

In the past people who have worked with us say they do sit down and write goals for the next year. Then nothing happens. I say that’s because it is not enough to set goals and write them down, you need a process some tools to make sure you keep being inspired by your Goals and remain committed to achieving them even once the challenges and demands on your time and self doubt and most importantly fear creep in.

If you think about it if we could eliminate fear so that we could set goals knowing with certainty that they would be achieved we would all be champion goal setters and achievers. However the fear of getting out of our comfort zone to grow to achieve our goals, daring to believe that we are capable and worthy, are the biggest barriers to us all achieving our goals.

The good news is that part of our process we share, is to give you tools to make sure that once you set your goals you have the confidence and commitment to see them through and achieve them.

By now you should have in your notebook or scrap of paper a wheel of life filled in which may have highlighted areas that need attention and also on another sheet a GRATIFICATION LIST  with 10 things that you are thankful and grateful for in your life at present. This gratification list and wheel of life will have been in your consciousness over night, so now we are ready for the second step.

We need to make space for the future to come in, and clear out things that might be blocking out the future.

As we know the New Year is fast approaching, but when I take time to reflect back on 2014 I cannot believe how fast it has gone. When I was putting the xmas tree up in early December I couldn’t believe it was a year since I last did this, life goes so fast it felt like only a few months. I am sure the same is true in your experience.

Here’s the point, 2015 will pass in  the blink of an eye for you and for your family friends and colleagues 2015 will pass to in a flash too, whether you have a bunch of goals your committed to or not.

Truth is those of us who have set goals and are committed to them and using our techniques will have an entirely different year from those who do not set goals.

What happens to you and I the goal setters is that once you commit, once you have goals slowly but surely people places and  opportunities to achieve the goals are attracted to you. If other people who are not reading this or looking for this type of opportunity, friends family collegues who don’t set goals and see this as odd or strange then there year will whizz by too. The people places and opportunities that could completely change their life’s, will pass them by without them even being aware of them. What’s worse is that if you do not set goals you will find yourself helping others achieve their goals. Isn’t that a waste of your energy, time potential and capability?

We know people like us who set goals are in the minority, your one of them and I urge you to share it. Why have this technique, this secret and not share it. Who do you know at work at home or socially who could do with this help?


This next step is a critical part of the process, the ELIMINATION LIST.


10 things you will eliminate from your life starting in January and have them going out your life as the year goes forward.

Things that no longer serve you or working against you. Commit to finding 10 and make the commitment to follow this through.

bin bags to make space for your future

In this session today, create the physical space for the future. Get a bunch of bin bags, commit to clearing out rooms in the house, cupboards, spaces where things we not longer need or use lurk, we all have a junk drawer in the kitchen!

There will be things you use but also lots of things that you don’t don’t use and or broken or don’t work, perished elastic bands, broken pencils, chewed pens with no ink, bent paper clips, instructions for things you don’t have anymore. Get that drawer open and start filling the bin bag, its full of things that you won’t use this year or the year after.

The truth is these spaces will fill up again, but they can’t just now, until you empty it out and make space.

Under the stairs, under your bed, is it clear or full of things and your sleeping resting above them, think about that. What do you have in the attic that’s weighing down on you in some way?

Take the stuff to the charity shops, or take it to the local waste disposal, get them in a pile out of way and get rid of them certainly before end of year.

room tidy up bin bags for new year elimination list

Also I strongly recommend wardrobes, clothes that you haven’t worn this year, you know which ones they are….that Kaftan will never come back into fashion!

Clothes that don’t fit you affect your self esteem, get rid of them. You will feel better and believe it or not because you have space now it will fill up again as you get into a process of buying things again that make you look and feel better. Boosting your self esteem in the process.

Other places include the garden, the shed, clear it out, the garage, the man cave!, what’s tucked out in the way. Get as much as you can cleared out . Clear out photos on your laptop pc, clear out old files you don’t need DELETE them off your laptop and PC, on your smart phone DELETE old apps you don’t use.

Then  when “the bells come” as we say in Scotland  at the stroke of midnight  on the 1st January you will know that you are ready to attract into your life, like a vacuum, the people places opportunities and material things to achieve your Goals for 2015 and beyond.

Trust this process, trust me, this process works powerfully.

Get the bin bags out and have fun!

In your note book , journal, take notes, get the Elimination List written up after your Gratification List.

Keep your  notebook to maybe even do some more activities with MindStore in the future.

Tomorrow we begin the process of identitfying what might be our goals for 2015.

Have a wonderful day, look forward to sharing more of our MindStore Goals Setting and Achieving Tools tomorrow.


PS Would love to read your comments about your experiences with clearing out and Elimination Lists as well as other related subjects to this workshop.

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