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March 3, 2014

Keep Calm & Think BIG

by admin

keep calm and think big







Many people I meet had BIG plans for 2014, however they feel that the year is slipping and its too late to start.

“Its Never to late!” is my response, “Start today, let me help you”

Take some time out, use MindStore’s tools to manage your stress, and begin to access your right brain and Think Big.

Like Donald Trump’s quote at the end of this newsletter, why think small. Who are we to think small we were all given an amazing capacity to do be and have more in our business and personal lives if we would just Think Big.

As Marianne Williamson wrote:
“Your playing small does not serve the world”

Think Big and set Big Goals

This month we focus on Thinking Big.

If you would like to know more I recommend the above book at our sessions as a fantastic and informative read.
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A simple concept that is difficult to begin with. Mainly because it requires a change of attitude and mindset.
Many of us adults, if we are honest, are used to thinking small, safe, keeping within our comfort zones. Kids however automatically Think Big. My youngest son IS going to be an airline pilot for Jetstar.

He can see the benefits of this, a big WHY for him. His positive attitude causes him not to think about the challenges he faces to achieve this big goal. His WHY is so he can fly Mum and Dad around Australia! Do you think I will encourage this goal or dismiss it?
We can learn so much from this type of thinking. How many of us think about goals for our professional and personal lives only to have our experience of life make us reduce the size of our goals.

The fear of failure kicks in, the Self Doubt. Why do we let this happen?

Remember Winston Churchill said “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference”

On the 10th of this month, pause for a second with your mobile phone to think of the Scotsman who invented “talking with electricity” Alexander Graham Bell.
Back in the 1870’s he thought Big and had a Big Goal to improve on the telegraph as a method of communication and overcame many challenges to invent the telephone.

So take a moment to think of what a Big Goal that must have been for him and the ability he had to Think Big, develop a positive Can Do Attitude and mindset to keep going to achieve his goal.

If you would like some more details our MindStore Goal setting planner is available with our compliments. Simply email us your postal address to: and we would be delighted to send one out to you.

Then you will know….. IT JUST WORKS!

A final thought……
Think Big like Donald Trump







Two final thoughts this month, first the caption above.
Second is: What were the first words spoken over the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell?
” Mr.Watson.. come here… I want to see you”
Is this maybe what inspired John Logie Baird set his goal to invent Television? Who knows?

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