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MindStore In-House

mindstore  can seriously improve your performance

MindStore is best delivered as a bespoke programme designed in collaboration with critical members of your team and decision makers.  We strongly recommend that you set aside two days in order for your participants to immerse themselves and master the complete range of basic toolsand techniques.  Clearly this will be influenced by your own logistics and schedules so one day programmes also work really well, are  highly effective and very popular.

Since MindStore inspires change in individual and team attitudes and performance we strongly recommend that all clients maximise the numbers participating.  Audience size has no bearing on our fees other than minimal material costs.

Typically clients engage us to motivate staff and team members around new initiatives or change, often to win hearts and minds at the outset of projects or raising expectations of performance at the start of a sales or promotional cycle.  MindStore works and you’ll find your participants will thrive on being provided with well proven, easy to learn yet “different” tools and techniques to improve their contribution and professional growth.

Advantages of MindStore In-House include:

  • The world renowned tools & techniques made specific to your company’s unique needs & culture
  • Best techniques we can find for managing stress, easy to learn and implement anywhere
  • How to maintain a positive, mental attitude influencing all those around you
  • How to thrive amongst negative colleagues or team members
  • Model your behaviours on the winning approaches of World Champions
  • Access the “Alpha State” for enhanced creativity and better problem solving
  • Unique “whole brain” approach to inspirational goal setting
  • Highly effective and persuasive communication tools
  • Latest tools for counteracting fear & anxiety, anger & envy, the four team destroying emotions
  • Intriguing methods for utilising intuition
  • “Programming” how to attract the people & oppportunities that you need to achieve your goals
  • Habit management and many other fun and empowering ideas for improving your performance

How to get MindStore In-House

Many clients engage us after a “getting to know one another” workshop.  This usually takes a morning followed by an introductory presentation to a cross section of the target audience.  This helps you find out first hand how your team reacts to the MindStore approach and genuinely gives real confidence in deciding to engage us.  We do charge a small fee for this however we highly recommend this initial approach.

Alternatively other clients have engaged us after a series of fact finding and sharing conference calls and we would be delighted to work with you in designing something uniquely for you.

We would be delighted to discuss your requirements.  Please call us on +61 (0)7  3040 2229  or e-mail

Damian McConnell presenting at Queensland Brain Institute

Why not get Damian to come along to your company conference or other event to add his unique input and create an extra special day. 

MindStore’s motivating tools and techniques moves the audience to make massive changes in their way of thinking, whilst inspiring and entertaining.

The perfect kick-off session or that critical space just after lunch or the “let’s get up and go for it” closing speech.