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“Most powerful bit of paper in my Life!”

Thought you might like to read the comments of a long time MindStore member.
Interesting to note she says “whatever I write here happens”
That’s the power of this Goal Setting Tools… It Just Works!
Thanks to Tina for allowing me to share this.
If you would like to find out how to access these fantastic Goal setting tools and more for your organisation then give us a call or email to arrange an initial conversation.
For those of you that have known me for a long time these photos might send a shudder of fear through you lol. For those of you who are new in my life this is the goal setting I’ve used for 20yrs. This year is the end of a 10yr block so time to plan next 10. whatever I write here happens so it’s scary but exciting. Family and Friends, brace yourself this is when things go a little bit mental and you all start panicking lol. Most powerful little bit of paper in my life!

— with Damian McConnell.

Be one of the only 4% of people who write their Goals down, using our simple and effective Planner. It Just works.. Ordinary people have been achieving Extraordinary results over the last 25 years using this. Why not discover its benefits too?

MindStore’s Workbook including Powerful Goal setting tools. Small and very effective.


Goal Setting Workshop part one

Part one of the MindStore workshop. extract from Blog posted by Jack Black, founder of MindStore.
This workshop expands on the tips on the February MindStore Newsletter.

After 25 Years, half a million people, hundreds and hundreds of companies covering every sector and at every level of their organisations – if what I have been teaching was nonsense I would have been found out long before now.

So just do it! Just get into the swing with the global phenomena of resolutions and goal setting going on over the comings days.

Do it the MindStore way and more importantly commit to practice the reinforcement techniques and create your best year yet. Become empowered to deal with no matter what. Attract the right people at the right time, the solutions and ideas required and sometimes with wonder and joy manifest, yes manifest what you truly desire.

Follow the process below and simply trust it. I haven’t got the time in an post to go into the whys and the wherefores; so please just get on with it. If you are new to our approach then maybe just decide to trust the person who tipped you off.

So first – If you haven’t already done so do some clearing out. Create space for the future in your crammed up life. Empty out your rubble drawer, you know the one, it’s probably in the kitchen with the paper clip a rubber band, the pen that doesn’t work, the instructions to the kettle and all the other stuff that’s trapped in there. Just turn it upside down and empty it into the bin. It will like your cleared out wardrobe, garage, garden hut, loft, computer files, contact lists etc. etc. just fill up with new stuff. Please understand if there is no space where can new stuff go? And be absolutely honest with yourself most of the stuff you don’t need nor will you ever really use again.

Second – Plot a MindStore Wheel of Life. To do this just draw a big circle with 12 spokes. Give each spoke a scale of 1-10 with 1 at the centre and 10 on the circumference. Give yourself a 1-10 score for each of the following 12 key areas of life (trust me these are the ones that count!).

Marriage or Partnership – Family – Social life – Personal Development- Career- Attitude – Health – Finances – Home – Happiness – Recreation – Spiritual.

Once you have completed this exercise you will then see where you are out of balance, and therefore it will be obvious where some of your goals need to be set.

Third – Create a gratification list. Find 3 things for each spoke of the wheel that you are genuinely grateful for. You can do this as a chart with the headings – Item, Why it’ so important to you, How you can enhance it.

Fourth – Take the time and its only 11 short minutes to write out at least 30 goals. This is absolutely critical and it must be done with the correct intention. Again I have no space in this post to explain why – so please just do it! Set the timer on your phone or an alarm on your clock. You can even play some nice relaxing music as it may help you with this process.

Starts writing out the goals you already have in mind – however you will find that you soon run out of them! Then look at your Wheel of Life and it will become obvious where you can find some more. You will again run out of ideas so now just imagine that you are given 100 million pounds in cash if you could finish with at least 30 goals inside what’s remaining of the 11 minutes. Just start to “make them up” especially write down the ones that come into your mind and that you are already telling yourself are impossible. If it comes into your mind then accept it and write it down. Please just trust the process.

Now leave these 30 plus goals for 24 hours or at least overnight. Read them to yourself just before bed even begin to imagine them being achieved already.

Next step and it’s a big step -the next day filter or narrow down the goals into 7 primary ones. Now here is the great MindStore approach we don’t concern ourselves with HOW we are going to achieve them, we don’t even think about a strategy, we do however take the time to identify and even write out WHY we really, really desire them.

Once you have identified the 7 key goals write them out once again with a full explanation to yourself as to why you really want them to come into your life. Do all of this over the coming days.

I will email you the second phase of this process – which works and will work for you too!

If you want to send this to friends and family then feel free – all I ask is you let them know its source.

All the very best and a Happy, Prosperous and Healthy 2014 to you and all you care for.

Keep Smiling