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Are you too busy to make time for yourself?


This is a busy time of the year for everyone personally and in business. However learn from the picture above.

Unlike the jolly guy in the red suit above, always take your time, look out and be prepared mentally and physically for any unexpected events!

As the holiday season approaches like a jet plane!, we find ourselves reflecting on the past year and those who have helped to shape our year and our business. It has been a fantastic year for us all at MindStore. We trust that 2014 has been just as memorable for you, your colleagues and your loved ones. We look forward to working with you in the years to come.

We wish you all the happiest of holiday seasons and good health throughout 2015.

Thank you for making the time to read this.

Best wishes for the holiday season to you all!

Damian and the team at MindStore Australia.

Are you too Busy to make time for yourself?


As we go head long into the season of goodwill to all men (and women!) we can find ourselves focusing on others needs, wants and desires so much that come 26th December we feel exhausted!

If this sounds familiar, then decide to make changes.

Decide to share goodwill with yourself, book time for you.


Take yourself off to a place of relaxation for you with a blank notepad and pen and start to think about your year.

Remember the great goals and plans you had in the first week of January, reflect on how they often slipped, why was that?  what could you do better next year?

Reflect on your year, learn from its lessons and then decide to make 2015 better.

Start now by asking for a copy of our planner, go through it and follow the process. Then commit to it, make a promise to yourself that this time next year you will be reflecting on a list of written down goals and you can see yourself in your imagination ticking them all off, because if you have a written down plan and you are committed to sticking to it, then you will get the results you desire. That’s just how it works.

At MindStore we are passionate about helping everyone to rekindle simple ways of thinking to improve performance from Ordinary to Extraordinary.

Empowering People ..Transforming Organisations


Inspiring Resources


Keep Calm and Sieze the Day



October marks the start of the last quarter of the calendar year. The last 3 months to achieve the Professional and Personal Goals you have written down for this year.

How about a few inspiring short video clips to reignite your passion for the goals you set earlier in the year?

Everyone is busy at work, but are we productive? I challenge you to take 5 minutes to watch these 3 clips. Call it Professional or Personal Development! It might just spark some thinking to empower you to achieve more this quarter.

Wishing you an Outstanding October!

Inspiring Resources


Most of us know this Latin phrase, and its meaning.

How many of us though, actually apply it?


We know we should sieze the day, watch less TV, eat better, exercise more, make time each day to stop and think, spend more quality time with family and loved ones.

Additionally we know we should have our personal and professional goals written down. Review them daily and take time to visualise them being achieved. Often the busyness of life catches up with us and slows us down. This is where we need to develop through Mindstores tools the Desire, Belief and Expectation that our goals can and will be achieved.


This is the begining of the last quarter of the year! just 80 days or a little under 2000 hours left.

Those of us with written goals have just 3 months to make it happen. Those without written goals have only 3 months to think about them and then make them happen!


Living on a tidal waterway I see it every day, the unstoppable rising and ebbing flow of the tide. This is the time to use MindStores tools to re-inspire, re-motiviate and re-focus, ourselves to deal with the ebb and flow of our inspiration, motivation and energy this quarter.

As shared before the most powerful way to do this is to take time out every morning to “progamme your day”

The ability to take time to close your eyes and mentally reherse your day. The ability to pre-prepare for meetings and important calls.

Being able to maximise your energy, improve your performance, protect yourself from negativity and also use tools to manage stress are key parts of Mindstore’s success with 500,000 people over the last 25 years.

Now is the time to find your MindStore planner,to use it daily, to remind yourself of the MindStore tools and to use them daily too.

If you want to see change in your Professional and Personal life, then be the change you want to see and Sieze the day.

A final thought………..


“Amateurs practise till they get it right,

Professionals practise till they can’t get it wrong”


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Are you too Busy to Improve?

Are you too busy to improve

As you may remember our last update focused on the power of Mental Rehersal for Performance Improvement. Using mental tools to improve performance from Ordinary to Extraordinary.

This time we continue by focusing on another Ordinary guy born in London in 1950 who has gone on to do some Extraordinary things. You may have heard of him!

Thank you for making the time to read this, and I encourage you to look into our mental tools for improving performance for you personally and for the people in your organisation.

Every time I hear someone in a business meeting tell me how busy they are, I think of this guy.

The man who recently said he makes time in his daily schedule to talk a walk for an hour every morning to think about his day.

He walks around Necker Island  which he owns in the Caribbean and his name is Richard Branson of the Virgin Group of Companies.

Now you would have to agree that he is a busy guy and that time is his most precious commodity.

branson as airline hostess

YET he sees the value of taking time out to think every morning during his walks.

Now if someone who many call extraordinary is doing this, who are we to say we are to busy to do this?

MindStore members will be familiar with this idea of taking time out on waking to think about the day and to “program their day

He also, like Mindstore members around the world, take’s time to Catnap and Day dream, this enables him to re-energise his mind and body as well as making time to dream about his passions.

And the last secret of his success is that he carries a note pad to take notes whenever they come to his mind and to clarify his thinking. Just like our MindStore Night Book based on Edisons Pad.

Hopefully in this short update you can see that if someone who is very busy and very successful does exactly the same things that our MIndStore course participants do, and he can make time to do it because he sees it to be important, then we too can learn to make time in our busy lives for these important routines.

Wouldn’t you like to have these tools too?

Imagine how you could improve your personal and professional performance at those critical times if you had the tools to mentally program your day, take catnaps to re-energise and reduce stress and operate at your peak performance outside your comfort zone.

Well you can by inviting MindStore into your workplace to deliver a custom designed workshop for you, your leadership team and your people at all levels.

As I keep saying, Organisations are groups of people, when you inspire and empower the people you transform the organisation.

We too can learn to improve our performance. One of our best MindStore tools is within what we call our House on the Right Bank. This for those who have not attended one of our workshops is a place we create in our minds, on the Right side of our brain , the creative intuitive imaginative side. Where we can mentally rehearse our day, see our goals and manage our stress.  Contact us to find out more.

If you think this is out there and different, then you are right. Einstein said two things, one is that “Imagination is more important than knowledge” and this is what  we are using in these tools.

and secondly he said that “we can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them”.

So what we do is deliberately designed to be different, out of the ordinary, because if the ordinary things we have done in the past still worked we would all be doing much better.

At MindStore we are passionate about helping everyone to rekindle that way of thinking to improve performance from Ordinary to Extraordinary, so think about contacting us to be involved in your next Learning and Development event. Feel Free to contact us now on the form  below or use it to comment on this post.

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Empowering People…. Transforming Organisations

Empowering People ..Transforming Organisations


 As you all know June is more than just a good time for bargains at the Sales. It is end of the financial year and the business focus is squarely on organisations at this time of year.

At MindStore we believe that the focus should be on the Individuals, the human beings that bring the uniqueness of their mind to the organisation. That person’s mind when inspired has the ability to innovate and create solutions for all of the organisations present and future challenges.

Organisations we speak with get this. The ones who have the vision to invest in the area of the business with the greatest capacity for performance improvement. PEOPLE. Having the vision to provide training which Empowers People. These are the ones who make the changes, overcome the challenges and become or continue to be the market leaders.

We are all unique as our fingerprints, and we all have an amazing capacity to do, be and have more in our professional and personal lives. The secret is in unlocking the potential in our mind, this requires simple tools to change our mindset, think, act and speak more positively. Develop tools to manage our stress and re-engage with our creative imaginative right brain to create solutions to overcome organisations challenges and in turn empower people and transform organisations.

If your organisation wants the next Financial Year to have higher engagement, higher productivity and lower staff turnover then take action today and call us to arrange a suitable time to have an initial conversation.

See a selection of recent testimonials here:

A final thought……


With the Soccer World Cup in Brazil starting I thought this was appropriate.

Email us today for our Goal Setting and Achieving Workshop that JUST WORKS!


A Positive Attitude.. Changes Everything

A Positive Attitude…. Changes Everything

attitude glass half fullWelcome to our delayed July Newsletter.

Last month was about taking TIME OUT.

This month we focus on our Attitude and deciding to make it a positve one.

Trust you wil take 5 minutes TIME OUT to read this and THINK about how you can decide to be more positive in your thoughts, language and actions.

All the Best

Damian and the team at MindStore Australia.

Reach for the Stars with a Positive Attitude


Here is a great sign you could print off and stick in a prominent place of your office area.warning only +ve attiudes allowed

Over the last month Attitude has been a recurring theme in the Conference sessions, Professional Training workshops and in house programs with Clients I have facilitated.

WHY is Attitude so important? often gets asked.


Well you only have to look at what happened on this month in History to see a few illuminating examples.


  • 18th July Nelson Mandelas 95th Birthday
  • 20th July 1969 1st person on the moon
  • 27th July 1978 1st Test tube Baby (IVF)


With Nelsons ill health and recent birthday we are all aware of what he has achieved in his lifetime as a civil rights activist and world leader. Did you know he shares the honour receiving a Nobel prize award with the developer of the IVF treatment Robert G Edwards. Robert’s was a Nobel prize for Physiology in 2010 and Nelson was jointly awarded in 1993 the Nobel prize for Peace with F.W. de Klerk.

So how does that relate to Attitude.

Well think about Nelson locked away for 27 years yet had the belief and positive attitude that he could see a better future for South Africa. He worked with those who imprisoned him to dismantle apartheid. How many of us are challenged to remain positive in our attiude on a normal busy day at the office, let alone the thought of being imprisioned for 27 years?

Similarily the belief and attitude of the developer of the IVF treatment who kept thinking of a way to assist couples who wanted children. He did not give up like many of us might when faced with challenges he had the positive belief and attitude that he would develop a solution.

Finally the moon landing. Imagine the challenges they faced, truely going “into the unknown” in both envronment and equipment required. The Positve Attiude shown by the Apollo 11 crew as well as all the support team at NASA was fantastic. They believed they WOULD get there, not IF, but WHEN.

We could benefit from having such an unshakeable positive attitude in our dealings with collegues and the inevitable challenges we face both professionally and personally.

To quote Zig Ziglar “Your attitude not your aptitude determines your altitude”

A positive attitude will assist you to reach for the stars!

Have a Stellar July!

A final thought………..

winston churchill

  “Attitude is a little thing that makes a BIG difference”

Winston Churchill


“Everyone needs some Time Out”

Many of you commented on last months newsletter and the challenge of being too busy to block time for yourself in your Calendars.

This months we continue by encouraging everyone to take some time out. Time to refocus on the positives and look forward with renewed energy for the next half of the year.

All the Best

Damian and the team at MindStore Australia.

Use MindStore's toolkit to be creative like Picasso

Use MindStore’s toolkit to be creative like Picasso


Several people who contacted us last month were challenged by May’s newsletter, regarding blocking time to think in their Calender.

I understand for many this is challenging, its different and it requires a change of thinking.

And that’s exactly WHY we all need to do it.

We all know the quote “Change your thinking, Change your life”.

If we don’t or won’t change, how can we expect things to be different.

With the cooler weather in many parts of Australia in the evening instead of reaching for the remote control, Why not have a TIME OUT…Take time out with MindStore Australia

not a chocolate bar, but some time out for you.

Everyone needs time to recharge, to review, to reassess and to reflect.

With the focus in business on the upcoming end of financial year, its an ideal time to take this time out for yourself.

Challenge yourself to sit in your bedroom and close your eyes, focus on your breathing, concentrate on breathing and resist the tendency for your mind to  “wander” manage your thinking. Your Mind is a huge Store for Creative Innovative thinking, practise accessing it for improved quality time to recharge, to review your day to see that you did the best you could and to reassess your next day and reflect on how you could think, listen and act with greater clarity to achieve more.


Remember  its true ” Everyone needs some time out”

Book Review:

Drive- The surprising truth about what motivates us by Daniel Pink

This is an ideal book to dip in and out of after your TIME OUT time.

Enlightening and full of ideas about changing our thinking and how we are motivated to achieve more.

To find out more or order the book click on the link:


And Finally……….


“Poirot, ” I said ” I have been thinking”

“An admirable exercise my friend. Continue it” Poirot responds.

Agatha Christie, Pearl at End House


May Newsletter

With less than 70 days till the start of the London 2012 Olympic games and the growing publicity around it, there has been many positive comments about last months newsletter.  This month we focus on Innovation, as May is Innovation month and you may have seen a range of festivals around the country organised to promote Innovation.

This is a busy month for us with Damian speaking at three events in Newcastle, Brisbane and the Gold Coast all as part of Innovation month.

Make May the month to re-member how to be more Innovative and Creative.

Damain and the MindStore Australia Team

How to Harness your creative and innovative Mind

Creativity is often mentioned in the same breath as Innovation.

We know from research that we are at our most creative when we are relaxed. Think about the great ideas you have when you first wake up from sleep, or when you are out walking the dog, or mowing the lawn. The secret is to be able to access that relaxed state of mind at any time of the day when required. At MindStore we call that relaxed state, the Alpha state. You may have heard athletes refer to it as the Zone, or being in the Zone. We have tools and techniques which you can use to access this alpha state to improve your creative thinking.

Innovative thoughts also come from being in that relaxed state of mind. Think of the opposite state, when you are answering two phones, deadlines are approaching, you can feel your stress levels going through the roof!. You haven’t had anything to eat since breakfast, you have a growing to do list and you feel hot and bothered. You may have heard people say ” I cannot hear myself think!

Do you think they can be creative or innovative in this type of environment?

Absolutely not. 

When were you last creative?

Here’s a thought: When was the last time you made sand castles? When was the last time you used coloured pens to draw or sketch?

What’s that got to do with anything, you might say? Well we know kids love making sand castles, they also love colouring in or playing in cardboard boxes. It is because they are creative and innovative at that age.

The shame for us adults is that we don’t lose that ability, we are educated to curtail our creativity. We all have the ability to be amazingly creative and innovative. If you don’t believe me find Betty Edwards book ” Drawing on the right side of the Brain” buy it and read it, you will create a drawing or painting you are so proud of you will frame it. I know because I did. So did Fiona and she took Art at high school!

Like so many things in life, the changes that are required start with you. You need to want to, to have the desire, determination and belief to keep going in the face of challenges, to focus on being innovative when you need to develop solutions.

Re-member: we all have an amazing capacity for creativity and innovation we just need to DARE yourself to access it and unleash our potential.

May May be Innovative for you too!


April 2012 Newsletter


Following on from last months newsletter which was all about mental fitness in surfing, this month we look at the 2012 London Olympic preparations and how we can all learn from Olympic Champions.  We know they have a range of coaches for physical and mental elements of their preperation. The mental coaches share with them tools for mental resilience, unquestioning belief in themselves and an unshakeable desire to win.

Read on to find out how to develop your own mental  coaching skills.

Achieve your Goals in 2012!

Damain and the MindStore Australia Team



How to Perform like an Olympic Champion

The 2012 Olympic Games are almost upon us.  The Australian Olympic swimming team has just been picked.  The planning and building of the Olympic facilities has been ongoing for more than 7 years. Here in Australia as businesses head towards the new financial year in July we too need to be preparing, like these Olympic athletes if we want to deliver a gold medal performance in financial year 2012/13.

We know that individuals that become Olympic champions are able to, every day, access their alpha state and visualise the peak performance which results in them winning gold.  They are able to imagine the sights, sounds, smells at that moment when the medal is placed around their neck.  This ability gives them the unshakeable belief in their performance, whether as an individual or part of a team.

The men and women who will be there, in London, competing have dreamed their whole lives of competing at an Olympic games, some will already have competed before but for some it will be their first Olympics.  All the hard work and mental preparation will soon be realised.

If you would like to deliver an Olympic medal winning performance in your business or organisation then this is the time you need to be planning to call in MindStore. Take the first step towards preparing for an outstanding FY2012/13 and book an initial appointment today.  Discover the benefits of our in-house MindStore courses to prepare you and your team for an outstanding FY2012/13.

Using our unique processes including the “house on the right bank” you will have access to a range of performance improving mental tools and techniques.  For more information click on the link below from our MindStore international site and look at the entry from March 15 entitled “New Homeowners Supplement”.

If you feel like you or your colleagues could benefit from easy to learn tools and techniques used by Olympic champions give us a call at MindStore we would love to help.

Carpe diem – Sieze the day.

Book Review Corner

MindStore for Personal Development by Jack Black

If you are looking to find out how MindStore can help you both professionally and personally then this book, written by the founder of MindStore, gives you a taste of a few of the MindStore tools and techniques and the amazing ways that they can change your life.

Read it and learn some amazingly simple techniques for improvement.

This might seem like a plug, but like all the books we have recommended over the last few months, we fundamentally believe that they absolutely help.


March 2012 Newsletter


Quicksilver Pro and Roxy Pro

Welcome to all our new newsletter members.
I was priviliged to meet a number of positive, inspiring people at the February Gold Coast Combined Chamber of Commerce and Logan Chamber of Commerce events.
Following on from last months newsletter which was all about getting fit, this month we focus on mental fitness in surfing and how it relates to us all.
Achieve your Goals in 2012!
Damain and the MindStore Australia Team
Mental Resilience with MindStore

Mental Resilience with MindStore

Over the last week on her morning runs Fiona has seen the build up preparations for the first world surfing tour events of the season, the Quicksilver pro and Roxy pro, which are now underway at our local beach, Snapper Rocks in Coolangatta,
If you would like to follow these events click either of the links below to keep up to date with results, photos and all the action:
As any of you surf fans will know it is taken for granted that all surfers on the tour are talented.  The difference between world champions and runners up is mental resilience. As Kelly Slater the world no.1 says “It’s all about where your mind’s at.”
You only have to read the interviews given by Stephanie Gilmore, our local surf world champion, to understand the thinking and mental toughness that makes the difference between extraordinary surfers and ordinary surfers like me.
Here’s another quote from Mick Fanning another local world champion,  “Sometimes surfing this bank from Snapper to Kirra, sometimes you don’t even think what you’re doing… You get to the end of a wave and go, what did I do? Sometimes you go into a totally different state of mind.
All of the top surfers have the desire, belief and expectation that they will achieve their goals. They have a positive mental attitude and take action to enable them to succeed despite any challenges.
The MindStore members who receive this newsletter will notice the strong similarities in the language between these surf coaching comments below, between what top surfers learn and practice consistently, and what you can learn from MindStore.
“Mental training not only helps to overcome most surfing challenges – it also helps you reach the absolute peak of your surfing potential and capabilities – often known as ‘the Zone’, which produces all-time best performances.  The Zone is brought about by learning to allow your all-powerful subconscious to naturally, easily and instinctively co-ordinate your surfing moves, rather than consciously orchestrating each one. Your subconscious mind knows exactly how to perform all of your manoeuvres – perfectly.”
“Visualization – which is regularly running a ‘mental movie’ through your mind of brilliant surfing performances and the various different successful manoeuvres – is one of the most powerful and easy methods for programming your mind for surfing success.”
Just as we do in MindStore to achieve our goals we use our subconscious mind to visualise the moment of our success and constantly replay that image.
If you feel like you or your colleagues could benefit from easy to learn tools and techniques used by world champions surfing lifes sometimes choppy oceans give us a call at MindStore we would love to help.
Book Review Corner
How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie
First published in 1937 this classic self development book has sold over 16 million copies. This book has been recommended at MindStore events for over 15 years.The messages are equally relevant in our relationships with people in business as in our personal communications.
It stresses the importance of empathy – seeing things from other peoples point of view, and developing win-win scenarios.
Read it and learn some amazingly simple techniques for improvement.

February 2012 Newsletter

Achieving More with MindStore

How to overcome extraordinary challenges with MindStore tools

We trust you all had a fantastic Australia Day.  I spent some Quality Recovery Time on the beach with my family.  It’s amazing to realise that January is over, it has been such a quick month for MindStore Australia as we plan for a fantastic 2012.

How are your goals progressing?

It is so important to keep focused on your goals, viewing them every day to keep them clearly in your mind.

Enabling the universe to assist you in achieving them.

Achieve your Goals in 2012!

Damain and the MindStore Australia Team

P.S. Check out the amazing book by one of our MindStore members in the book review corner this month.  Proof it you needed it that MindStores tools and techniques absolutely work.

Fit Mind Fit Body – Achieve your Goals

Achieve your goals with MindStore tools

Following on from last months newsletter about writing down your dreams/goals for 2012 to assist you in achieving them.
This month we feature a popular goal. Most people’s goal is to lose weight, get fitter, stay fit or a combination of all three.  It enables you to be more empowered to achieve your other goals as you feel better and can see the results.
Visualise in the present your goal being achieved.  Have the desire, belief and expectation that you will be able to fit into that smaller size or run that extra mile.
I have seen at first hand my wife Fiona within a few months of having our second son Ewan losing all the “baby weight” and being fitter than ever.  She had the desire, belief and expectation that she would achieve her goal. Using the MindStore tools and techniques she was able to achieve that goal. Even after limited sleep in the first few months she kept going out every morning exercising knowing that it just works.

Common uses for MindStore tools and techniques

As well as all the well known tools for business performance improvement, such as reducing stress, improved communication and effectiveness, achieving work life balance. Here are some personal advantages to using the MindStore tools and techniques:
· Relaxation
· Weight loss
· Giving up smoking
· Pain relief – general, dentist, childbirth
· Fun things – finding ideal space in a car park or a table in a busy restaurant, hailing a taxi.

Book Review Corner

Gang of One: How One of the Nat West Three Survived Extradition and Life in a Texas Prison by Gary Mulgrew

As you know we have included a book review for the last 6 months with the intention of highlighting some inspiring and helpful books for your own personal learning and development.

This month it is fantastic that we are able to recommend not only an inspiring book but one written by a MindStore member who used the MindStore tools and techniques to overcome extraordinary challenges.

Gang of One: How One of the Nat West Three Survived Extradition and Life in a Texas Prison by Gary Mulgrew

Click on this link to find out more:



MindStore is available to organisations throughout Australia. We are able to deliver customised in-house corporate training events and business performance improvement courses. Before an event we meet to take the time to find out about the key dangers facing your business as well as the opportunities.

MindStores complete mental tool kit gives you the best techniques for managing stress, maintaining a positive mental attitude and influencing those around you.

We also share tools for increasing creativity and innovation to solve challenges in organisations. These mental tools and techniques are easy to learn on the day and are immediately actionable by participants resulting in instant performance improvement and ongoing increased effectiveness, enthusiasm and energy.

If you are interested in this then please drop me an e-mail. This is one of the many topics we cover on our MindStore events either in-house for clients or in an open format. We can share with you the tools to use TFT to improve decision making to become more aware of syncronistic events, to raise your frequency levels, via tools for protecting yourself from negativity and in particular negative self talk and thoughts. Also tools for improving your energy, creating positive thoughts and by relaxation exercises. To find out more visit our website:


Previous Newsletters

As more and more people sign up for the newsletters we have had numerous requests for copies of the previous MindStore newsletters.

Click below for access to all our previous newsletters via our website: