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March 3, 2015

There’s no such thing as bad weather… just the wrong clothes!

by Damian McConnell


This month our update has input from Billy Connolly who said ” There’s no such thing as bad weather… just wrong clothes! so get yourself a sexy raincoat and live a little!”

How’s that for your thoughts determining your attitude!

Well this month we have a wee look at a guy who ticks all those boxes. He also is a shining light for the MindStore quote ” from Ordinary to Extraordinary”

Its the Big Yin! Billy Connolly.  Having faced prostate cancer and early Parkinson’s symptoms he has developed the mindset to overcome the challenges and see the positive in his life and the world around him.

If you read about his early childhood and follow his transformation to a world class comedian, musician, presenter and actor, he truly has gone from Ordinary to Extraordinary in his performance.

Read some more about Billy below and his tips on slowing down and taking time out.

Thank you for making the time to read this, and I encourage you to look into our mental tools for improving performance for you personally and for the people in your organisation.

Have a Magnificent March!

Damian and the team at MindStore Australia.

Billy Connolly invites us to slow down look around us and laugh


At the begining of this month I had the pleasure along with a few thousand other to watch Billy Connolly live on the Gold Coast.

Listening to him reminded me of how important it is to slow down.

He makes the time to observe, think and comment on the everyday. We find it excruciatingly funny because its the Truth.

When was the last time you took 15 minutes to sit and look at the world around you, to notice the people, to look for the positive humourous side of life?

It would be a great way to de-stress, to relieve anxiety, to switch off from your workload and to stimulate your creative right side of your brain.

It Just Works!

At MindStore we are passionate about helping everyone to rekindle that way of thinking to improve performance from Ordinary to Extraordinary, so think about contacting us to be involved in your next Learning and Development event.

Empowering People ..Transforming Organisations


At MindStore we believe that the focus should be on the Individuals, the human beings that bring the uniqueness of their mind to the organisation. That person’s mind when inspired has the ability to innovate and create solutions for all of the organisations present and future challenges.

Can you imagine your organisation full of people with the vision, passion and energy?

How do you think that would that transform your organisations performance?

Does your organisation have the vision to invest in training in the area of the business with the greatest capacity for Performance Improvement? PEOPLE.

Trust MindStore to Empower your People and Transform your Organisation.

See a selection of recent testimonials here:

Inspiring Resources

A final thought……


Theres no such thing as bad weather…. just the wrong clothes so get yourself a sexy raincoat and live a little!”

Billy Connolly



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